Derby Divisions

Stock Division- Ages 7-13

16 cars, assembled from official kits purchased from Soap Box Derby of Akron, Ohio, are sponsored by generous supporters who choose drivers aged 7-13. The winner of our Stock Division is entitled to race in the 2019 Akron Ohio Derby provided they have not celebrated their 14th birthday.

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Little Rascal Division-Ages 7-13

The Little Rascals Division cars are either home built or purchased and assembled from kits. Entrants must be 7 to 13 years of age.

Registration is limited to 16 cars. Check our web site to learn what is required to register before you begin to work on a car. To assist fairness, standard wheels purchased at cost ($75.00) from the Beamsville and District Lions Soap Box Derby Committee must be used.

Racers are encouraged to seek a sponsor who may then also advertise on their Little Rascal race car.

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Super Kids Division:

Super Kids Division is designed especially for Special Needs children. The cars are supplied by Lincoln’s Soap Box Derby in partnership with Rotary Club of Lincoln.

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