Soap Box Derby Rules – Stock & Lil’Rascals Classes

Limit of Entries:

The number of Stock Soap Box entries is limited to 16 .

The number of Lil’Rascals Soap Box entries is limited to 16.

General  Instructions:

  1. Do not start building your soap box until your entry form has been accepted.  
  2. Any Soap Box may be sponsored. Sponsorship of a Soap Box is the responsibility of the Soap Box owner. Any Soap Box that has been sponsored must have a decal signifying the sponsor.
  3. Since ramp starting will be used, you must build your Soap Box so that it conforms to the minimum and maximum dimensions on the ‘Spec’ diagrams.
  4. Proof of age will be necessary and must be shown to the scrutinizers when your vehicle is inspected. All participants must be seven (7) to thirteen (13) years old, inclusive to and on race day.
  5. Your Soap Box will be issued an officially approved sticker after it has passed inspection. No alterations to your Soap Box will be allowed after the sticker is issued.
  6. In all cases where a decision is required, the Race Judge’s decision will be made. If this does not resolve any issue, then the ‘Grand Race Marshal’ will be asked for a final decision.
  7. It is expected that all drivers and people in their pit crew will act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Anyone who does not uphold the requests of the Race Officials may be expelled from the race.
  8. There will be Race Officials along the race course to make sure that participants stay within their lanes and to ensure that fair racing is maintained.
  9. There will be two ‘Starting Officials’ to ensure fair starts.
  10. There will be two ‘Race Officials’ at the finish line,
  11. Each race has two heats, one heat on each side of the track. The winner is determined by cumulative ‘time differences’ between racers from both heats.
  12. If your Soap Box needs repair during the races, and you are called upon to race, you will be given one run’s grace or about ten minutes, but you must be ready when your number is called for a second time, or be eliminated. (This action must be taken so as to not slow the race schedule.)
  13. On race day, the ‘Grand Race Marshall’ has the authority to reject and eliminate from the race any vehicle which he believes is unsafe, or does not conform to the specifications.
  14. Entries may be disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior of driver or pit crew.
  15. Protective head gear must be worn during each race. We strongly recommend a snowmobile, bicycle or motorcycle helmet. Rules of the race will be available at the Grand Race Marshall’s desk on race day.
  16. All cars must come to the track already having been weighed including the car, the driver while seated in the vehicle and any weights with a total MAXIMUM weight of no more than 200lbs.
  17. All weights in all vehicles must be secured according to the “weights rules”.

Stock Soap Box Racers: 

Racers conform to and are built from official, ready-to-assemble kits, purchased from ‘the All American Soap Box Derby’ of Akron, OH.

Lil’Rascals Soap Box Racers:

Kits are available for Lil’Rascals Soap Box cars which conform to safety standards.

If you are not using a kit car, in order to ensure competitive fairness and safety, the Lil’Rascals Soap Box Racer must conform to the following specifications.

  1. The total receipted value of the Lil’Rascals Soap Box Racer (including the wheels) cannot exceed $800.00. Receipts may be requested for all purchases or donations put towards or for the construction of the Soap Box Racer.
  2. The Lil’Rascals Soap Box Racer length will be no longer than 80” (inches).
  3. A minimum ground clearance of 3” must be met when the driver is seated in the Modified Soap Box Racer.
  4. Minimum wheelbase (centre of the front wheel to the centre of the rear wheels) of 48” (inches)
  5. Front and rear axles must be the same width with the distance between the wheels a minimum of 30″ to a maximum of no more than 36″ – . No exceptions.
  6. The Lil’Rascals Soap Box Racer must have a foot operated drop drag brake system. 
  7. The steering apparatus must be enclosed as nearly as possible by the body of the Modified Soap Box Racer and shall include limit devices which prevent the front wheels from rubbing the body or frame.
  8. The body of the Lil’Rascals Soap Box Racer must be made of wood, fibreglass or plastic ONLY (NO METAL). The body will not enclose the cockpit seating area and must permit free use of the hands and arms.
  9. The head cannot be confined by the Soap Box Racer.
  10. Each entrant must assist in building his/her own Soap Box Racer
  11. No sharp edges or protruding objects are permitted on the exterior or interior of the Soap Box Racer.

Safety and Qualifications:

Final Safety, Inspection and qualification will be at Great Lakes Christian High School, Beamsville, on the FRIDAY EVENING PRIOR TO RACE DAY FROM 6-8PM. Once inspection is complete, the car must remain onsite (a tent and overnight security is provided) till racing is finished for each car.

The driver of the Soap Box must be in attendance at the safety inspection and qualification where we confirm each driver’s:

  1. Proof of age.
  2. Proper fitting of helmet.
  3. Weight of driver and a Modified Soap Box must not exceed 200 lbs.

The Soap Box Racer Inspector will check the following:

  1. Brakes (a test of the brakes will be performed)
  2. Strength of the frame
  3. Fastening and securing of the axels and wheels
  4. Steering assembly (must have steering stops which prevent wheel lock up on 
       the frame or body
  5. No sharp edges or objects
  6. NO ALTERATIONS  to wheels or bearings will be allowed, including excess use of
     any lubricant.                                                                           

Any Soap Box Racer that does not comply will have to be altered prior to race day.

Final Inspection on Race Day:

Alterations as determined at the “Safety Inspection and Qualification” must be completed and approved on the day of the race in order to qualify.

 The Race:

The coursewill be at Great Lakes Christian High School, Beamsville.

You are advised to be at the staging area with your Soap Box by 8:00 am Saturday morning for final registration.

All Vehicles will be started from a ramp. False starts will be called only if the starting judges feel an advantage from the start was made. Each Soap Box will have at least two runs, each time changing lanes.

The order of the first round racing shall be determined by a draw.

After the first round of racing, losers will race against losers and winners will race against winners in a double elimination fashion. Each driver will continue to race until he/she has lost twice. Drivers with their Soap Boxes will be matched for each race by draw.

Vehicles will be returned after each race to the staging and pit area.

Drivers and Vehicles must be ready to race when your name is drawn.

If  there is an odd a number of Soap Box cars, the odd Soap Box will be entered into the last race in that particular round.

Any further instructions will be made on race day at the drivers meeting prior to race time.

The race will begin at 9:00 am…………………don’t be late!

 A final note:

Changes to Soap Boxes : Absolutely no changes may be made to any Soap Box once it has been inspected and received and approval sticker. 

Anyone found making changes to his/her Soap Box during the course of the race will be automatically disqualified and eliminated from the remainder of the race.

This shall include but not be limited to the following:

 A. Removal of or addition to weight of the Soap Box – ex. Sandbagging

 B. Removal of or modification to body panels or structure of Soap Box

 C. Changing to a second set of wheels.

In the event of damage to a Soap Box, for example where the driver hits a curb, repairs can be made to the extent that as little work as necessary is done to allow the Soap Box to continue racing, and it must pass safety inspection before being allowed to continue.

Conduct :

We insist all drivers and pit crew, including parents, act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Race Officials are volunteers who will attempt to make sure that all Soap Box Racers are running according to regulation and that all races are run in a fair manner.

Race Officials have the right to disqualify driver, Soap Box Racer or pit crew at anytime for inappropriate behavior.

Race Officials’ decisions are final.